Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Premium Box

Sorti le 16 mai 2002 au Japon, Final Fantasy XI a une longévité exceptionnelle pour un MMORPG. En 18 ans de bons et loyaux services, de nombreux objets de collection sont sortis, pour le bonheur des fans : goodies, statues, figurines, musiques, etc. Aujourd’hui, nous vous présentons un magnifique coffret : le Final Fantasy XIContinue reading “Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Premium Box”

Dissidia collectibles

La série des Dissidia a commencé le 18 décembre 2018 au Japon, pour fêter les 20 ans de Final Fantasy. Nous avons par la suite eu droit à Dissidia 012 le 3 mars 2011 au Japon et nous accueillons un nouvel épisode sur PlayStation 4 en janvier 2018 partout dans le monde. Depuis le premierContinue reading “Dissidia collectibles”


FINAL FANTASY 1987~1994 The best of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy 1987-1994 published by NTT Publishing Co., Ltd. on November 26, 1994 is a compilation of arranged, remixed, and previously unreleased tracks from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy VI albums. Vocals were performed by various singers for “The Legend of The Great Forest” and “My Home,Continue reading “FINAL FANTASY 1987~1994”

Nobuo Uematsu Limited Selection 2012

During the concert tour of Nobuo Uematsu in Europe in November, 2012, “La fée sauvage” published a combo cd + vinyl 10″  under catalog number WF-0001. Only 1000 copy are available. Tour date : 14 nov 2012 – Conservatoire Royal (Bruxelles) 16 nov 2012 – Dock Pullman (Paris) 17 nov 2012 – La Cigale (Paris) 18 novContinue reading “Nobuo Uematsu Limited Selection 2012”

Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII

On January 31, 2011, Mega Ran and Lost Perception published BLACK MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII, a Hip-Hop album using tunes from Squaresoft’s hit game. This new 16 track album released 14 years after the date that the Final Fantasy 7 game has launch in Japan. The production on the album was handle by Lost Perception,Continue reading “Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII”

All sounds of Final Fantasy I & II Tape OST

I present you an incredible item today ! A really rare OST tape for Final Fantasy I and II ! It gather all sounds of this two games in one cassette. I don’t find many information about this one. It’s in fact an alternative printing of CD version, released on December 21, 1988 on Japan.Continue reading “All sounds of Final Fantasy I & II Tape OST”

Final Fantasy Spirit Within Spiritual Edition DVD

Final Fantasy spiritual edition is a DVD collector edition for The Spirits Within, first movie produced by Ironobu Sakaguchi. I have no information about it, except it’s not really hard to find one on Yahoo Auction Japan. External box is pretty simple   Content   Art book with concept art          Continue reading “Final Fantasy Spirit Within Spiritual Edition DVD”

Final Fantasy The Spirits Within Jap and US VHS

A Final Fantasy movie today ! We talk about Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within, directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and released on July 11, 2001 in USA.  Despite his great photorealistic computer animated visual, the film received mixed critical reception. It cost $137 million, but only reach $85 million at the box office. It’s oneContinue reading “Final Fantasy The Spirits Within Jap and US VHS”

Final Fantasy orchestral album

Final Fantasy orchestral album is a beautiful edition of arrangement music for Final Fantasy series, from episode I to episode XIV. The 23 tracks came from the first tour of Distant World : celebration. There is also the 24 original tracks from episode I to XII. Nobuo Uematsu is composer and producers.  Shiro Hamaguchi, HiroyukiContinue reading “Final Fantasy orchestral album”

Final Fantasy VII Vinyls Limited Edition

This beautiful limited edition is a remaster of 29 tracks from Final Fantasy VII OST, on 2 records. Shiro Hamaguchi, Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano made the arrangements of Nobuo Uematsu’s compositions.    It was released on December 2013 on Japan. This is limited to 1200 copies, for Europe (I have no idea for Japan).      ItContinue reading “Final Fantasy VII Vinyls Limited Edition”

Final Fantasy II flexi vinyl

Today I present this first flexi vinyl music from Final Fantasy II.  This album was released in October 1990 and published in the Family Computer magazine.  It contains seven tracks composed by Nobuo Uematsu for a total duration of 8 min 24 sec. Tracklist : 1.Opening                  Continue reading “Final Fantasy II flexi vinyl”