Vivi’s adventures: making-of!

Bonjour tout le monde ! Le 18 décembre 2017, pour fêter les 30 ans de Final Fantasy, on a sorti une petite vidéo. Un projet un peu fou qu’on a eu beaucoup de plaisir à monter ! La vidéo est bourrée de références et de petites anecdotes, alors on vous a fait un petit making-ofContinue reading “Vivi’s adventures: making-of!”

Happy birthday Final Fantasy!!

On December 19, 1987, Final Fantasy I was released in Japan! Happy birthday to our beloved series! 29 years today! There was so many released and compilation for Final Fantasy I during all these years 🙂 Here a family picture. All editions for Famicom (in Japan) and NES (in North America) Compilation with Final FantasyContinue reading “Happy birthday Final Fantasy!!”

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates Nintendo DS US

Ring of Fates is a prequel to the first episode of Crystal Chronicles saga. It was released on March 11, 2008, on North America. It still an action-RPG, with a party of four members. I really don’t know much things about this game, I just try first Crystal Chronicle and then I stop playing thisContinue reading “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates Nintendo DS US”

Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Nintendo DS US

I always want to try this Final Fantasy Spin off. The 4 Heroes of light seems to be a really great classical J-RPG on a fantasy world. It was released in US on October 5, 2010. I love the global design (which evolved on Bravely Default) and classic turn base battle system look really interestingContinue reading “Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Nintendo DS US”

Final Fantasy IV Advance Gameboy Advance Euro

This is the Europe version for Final Fantasy IV Advance, on Gameboy Advance. February 23, 2006. I have nothing much to say about it, except you can find US version here and Japan version here. Box (not in a good shape…) All content     Mighty cartridge ! Nintendo ad   This one is really goodContinue reading “Final Fantasy IV Advance Gameboy Advance Euro”

Mystic Quest Gameboy German

This a hard one to find ! Mystic Quest for Gameboy, German edition (or NOE, for Gameboy collectors) ! It’s in fact european edition for Final Fantasy Adventures (already present here !) or Seiken Densetsu : Final Fantasy Gaiden on Japan. I know, it’s not really relative to the saga. It’s in fact the first SeikenContinue reading “Mystic Quest Gameboy German”

Final Fantasy IV Nintendo DS US

This is the US version of Final Fantasy IV remake, on Nintendo DS. It was released on July 22, 2008. It’s a part of Final Fantasy 20th anniversary event. It was developed by Matrix software, who also made Final Fantasy III 3D remake. It’s always a pleasure to follow Cecil and Kain ! Front andContinue reading “Final Fantasy IV Nintendo DS US”

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings Nintendo DS US

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings is a sequel to Final Fantasy XII for Nintendo DS. So it’s an Ivalice Alliance project (as all Final Fantasy Tactics games). Vaan and Penelo are the main character and they become sky pirate. It was released on November 20, 2007 on North America territories. When I try it, IContinue reading “Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings Nintendo DS US”