Vivi’s adventures: making-of!

Bonjour tout le monde ! Le 18 décembre 2017, pour fêter les 30 ans de Final Fantasy, on a sorti une petite vidéo. Un projet un peu fou qu’on a eu beaucoup de plaisir à monter ! La vidéo est bourrée de références et de petites anecdotes, alors on vous a fait un petit making-ofContinue reading “Vivi’s adventures: making-of!”

Full set Final Fantasy Gameboy US

I finish presentations of the Final Fantasy episode for Gameboy, US version. I know, they are not really relative to Final Fantasy, because Adventure is in fact Seiken Densetsu 1, and Legend is Sa.Ga series. But it remain great pieces of my collection and I’m really glad to show them ! Click on links belowContinue reading “Full set Final Fantasy Gameboy US”

Final Fantasy Legend III Gameboy US

There is the third and  final chapter of Final Fantasy Legend (or Sa.Ga) for Gameboy. It was released on North America (USA and Canada) on September 23, 1993 and re-released by Sunsoft on 1998 . Like Final Fantasy Legend II, I have the Sunsoft edition, and found a Square edition is on my mind toContinue reading “Final Fantasy Legend III Gameboy US”

Final Fantasy Legend II Gameboy US

A year after The Final Fantasy Legend, second episode was released on US territory, on November 1, 1991. It still not relative to the Final Fantasy series, but to Sa.Ga series. Real name in Japan his SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu (Sa・Ga2 ~ The Treasure Legend). But it’s not time to change the name, so Square addContinue reading “Final Fantasy Legend II Gameboy US”

The Final Fantasy Legend Gameboy US

Today I present The Final Fantasy Legend, even if it’s not really a Final Fantasy. It was in fact the first episode for the SaGa series , also made by Square. But it really have no connection with FF universe (unlike Final Fantasy Adventure, with some reference like the chocobo). It was released on septemberContinue reading “The Final Fantasy Legend Gameboy US”

Final Fantasy Adventure Gameboy US

Today I begin presentation of Final Fantasy episode for Gameboy on US with Final Fantasy Adventure. It was released on November 1, 1991. It’s a spin off title of the main series, with many different names ! On Japan, Seiken Densetsu : Final Fantasy Gaiden, on Europe : Mystic Quest (even if it,s not relativeContinue reading “Final Fantasy Adventure Gameboy US”