Vivi’s adventures: making-of!

Bonjour tout le monde ! Le 18 décembre 2017, pour fêter les 30 ans de Final Fantasy, on a sorti une petite vidéo. Un projet un peu fou qu’on a eu beaucoup de plaisir à monter ! La vidéo est bourrée de références et de petites anecdotes, alors on vous a fait un petit making-ofContinue reading “Vivi’s adventures: making-of!”

Final Fantasy X Cold Cast Model: Yuna

Bonjour ! Tous les joueurs de Final Fantasy X se souviennent du mariage forcé entre Yuna et Seymour, où notre héroïne se “résignait” à accepter cette union pour sauver ses amis. Pour notre plus grand bonheur de collectionneur, Kotobukiya a décidé d’immortaliser ce moment en réalisant une statue “cold cast” de Yuna dans sa robeContinue reading “Final Fantasy X Cold Cast Model: Yuna”

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions trading arts

On 2007, Square Enix released a trading arts set for update version of Final Fantasy Tactics on PSP, subtitle: The War of the Lions. It’s always welcome to have figures from a spin-off episode! Unlike previous trading arts (volume 1 and volume 2), quality is here and it’s great to see our characters “in realContinue reading “Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions trading arts”

Final Fantasy IX Vivi Phone Card Frame

Even if Final Fantasy IX is really love by fans, there is really few merchandising around this episode. I don’t know why, the universe is as big as other FF. So when you got one, you love it ! Here the beautiful Vivi phone card frame, a really rare (and usually forgotten) collectible. I knowContinue reading “Final Fantasy IX Vivi Phone Card Frame”

Trading arts Mini : Final Fantasy XII figures

Today, we introduce Final Fantasy XII trading art mini figures! For previous presentation, it’s here 🙂 Final Fantasy III and IV Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX Final Fantasy X and XI Vaan   Penelo Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca Basch fon Ronsenburg (Japan exclusive) Balthier Fran  

Dissidia collectibles

La série des Dissidia a commencé le 18 décembre 2018 au Japon, pour fêter les 20 ans de Final Fantasy. Nous avons par la suite eu droit à Dissidia 012 le 3 mars 2011 au Japon et nous accueillons un nouvel épisode sur PlayStation 4 en janvier 2018 partout dans le monde. Depuis le premierContinue reading “Dissidia collectibles”

Trading arts Mini : Final Fantasy X and XI figures

We continue our presentation of Final Fantasy Trading art Mini! For previous presentation, it’s here 🙂 Final Fantasy III and IV Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX And today, it’s Final Fantasy X and the rare Final Fantasy XI Tarutaru figures! For Final Fantasy X Yuna – summoner outfit Yuna – gunner dressphere outfit  Continue reading “Trading arts Mini : Final Fantasy X and XI figures”

Vincent Valentine’s figures

For Vincent Valentine fans, here figures of the character when he was a Turc, on his “normal” form and on “chaos” mode! What’s your favorite? Final Fantasy VII cold cast Trading art volume 2. Turc version is a secret figure 🙂 Coca-cola figures Figures from Eirghez millenium edition. Static arts gallery Creatures kai volume 2Continue reading “Vincent Valentine’s figures”

Trading art Mini : Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX figures

Last year, we introduce a first set of trading art mini, really cute tiny figures of our beloved Final Fantasy characters. We begined with Final Fantasy III and IV. Today, we continue with Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX heroes! Tifa Lockheart Sephiroth Cloud Strife Aerith Gainsborough Yuffie Kisaragi Squall Leonhart Rinoa Heartilly Zidane TribalContinue reading “Trading art Mini : Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX figures”

Transcendent Artists Collection: Final Fantasy VIII, Selphie, Quistis and Leviathan

We are so excited to present you one of the rarest sculpture for Final Fantasy!!! Back on September 2000, Square released an incredible sculpture series, in partnership with Kotobukiya. The Transcendent Artists Collection: Final Fantasy VIII. There was five sculptures for this series, representing one Guardian Force (or summon) with main protagonists. They are stunningContinue reading “Transcendent Artists Collection: Final Fantasy VIII, Selphie, Quistis and Leviathan”

Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini

On 2014, Square Enix released a new line of products: Static arts mini figures. This new series begin with six characters on their chibi form, from Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. I’m not sure why it’s called “mini”, because it’s 5 inch tall (115 mm) and Vincent static arts gallery figure is 5,7 inch tall. Perhaps because ofContinue reading “Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini”

Final Fantasy VIII Coca-Cola figures

We continue presentation of Final Fantasy Coca Cola figures! Last week, we introduced Final Fantasy VII figures. Now, It’s  the turn of Final Fantasy VIII. Squall Leonhart Rinoa Heartilly Laguna Loire Seifer Almasy Irvine Kinneas and Zell Dinch Quistis Trepe and Selphie Tilmitt Cactuar and PuPu Next week, Final Fantasy IX figures!

Final Fantasy XII Sculpture Arts Balthier & Fran

On septembre 2008, Square Enix released an incredible sculpture arts for Final Fantasy XII! It showing Balthier and Fran on their hover, dodging a collapsing column. This moment is not really in the game (or I don’t find it, sorry if I didn’t redo the entire game to find the details XD) but you couldContinue reading “Final Fantasy XII Sculpture Arts Balthier & Fran”


On december 16th, 2016, Square Enix released an incredible new figure of Odin the Dark Divinity, as primordial and a really hard boss from Final Fantasy XIV. Odin was so hard to defeat because when he has only 5% HP, he charges Zentatsuken attach, which kill every people in the room. So you need to hurryContinue reading “FINAL FANTASY® XIV MEISTER QUALITY FIGURE ODIN”