Vivi’s adventures: making-of!

Bonjour tout le monde ! Le 18 décembre 2017, pour fêter les 30 ans de Final Fantasy, on a sorti une petite vidéo. Un projet un peu fou qu’on a eu beaucoup de plaisir à monter ! La vidéo est bourrée de références et de petites anecdotes, alors on vous a fait un petit making-ofContinue reading “Vivi’s adventures: making-of!”

Final Fantasy IX Vivi Phone Card Frame

Even if Final Fantasy IX is really love by fans, there is really few merchandising around this episode. I don’t know why, the universe is as big as other FF. So when you got one, you love it ! Here the beautiful Vivi phone card frame, a really rare (and usually forgotten) collectible. I knowContinue reading “Final Fantasy IX Vivi Phone Card Frame”

Trading art Mini : Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX figures

Last year, we introduce a first set of trading art mini, really cute tiny figures of our beloved Final Fantasy characters. We begined with Final Fantasy III and IV. Today, we continue with Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX heroes! Tifa Lockheart Sephiroth Cloud Strife Aerith Gainsborough Yuffie Kisaragi Squall Leonhart Rinoa Heartilly Zidane TribalContinue reading “Trading art Mini : Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX figures”

Final Fantasy IX Dioramas

There isn’t many Final Fantasy IX collectible, but the existing ones are lovely! So we’re happy to present Final Fantasy IX dioramas. Created by Banpresto, this beautiful Final Fantasy IX dioramas was only available from claw machines after FFIX released, in 2000. So this three are pretty rare ! All of them present Zidane withContinue reading “Final Fantasy IX Dioramas”

Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master Card Game

A beautiful Final Fantasy IX collector item ! I spend so much time playing Tetra Master card game on Final Fantasy IX, until I gather all 100 cards ! This is one of the best FF “mini-game” for me. I was really surprise when I discovered a real version of Tetra Master was available !Continue reading “Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master Card Game”