Final Fantasy Boss collection

This is probably one of the most unlikely Final Fantasy collector item: 15 cup noodle with boss illustration on them!


I think everything start with a association between Nissin foods  and Square Enix on Final Fantasy XV. They introduce Cup Noodle as a quest, to unlock the recipe. It’s Gladio favorite!

So, Final Fantasy Boss Collection is a collection of Cup Noodle. One cup for each numbered episode, with the main opponent on it.

There is also a code to unlock a special hat. And you could enter a contest to win one of the 30 Ultima Fork, inspired from Cloud last weapon on Final Fantasy VII: Ultima Weapon.


Final Fantasy I – Chaos

Final Fantasy II – The emperor

Final Fantasy III – Cloud of Darkness

Final Fantasy IV – Zeromus

Final Fantasy V – Exdeath

Final Fantasy VI – Kefka

Final Fantasy VII – Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VIII – Ultimecia

Final Fantasy IX – Kuja

Final Fantasy X – Seymour

Final Fantasy XI – Shadow Lord

Final Fantasy XII – Gabranth

Final Fantasy XIII – Orphan

Final Fantasy XIV – Bahamut

Final Fantasy XV – Ardyn


Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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