Final Fantasy XIV lamps

Since Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn released, Square Enix made so many merchandising! In association with Taito, they created many prizes for clamping machine.

One of the coolest are Final Fantasy XIV 7″ lamps! And we are glad to present you some of them on this post!

FFXIV lamp-19

Five moogles, two Tonberry and one Cactuar!

I discover that Tonberry and Cactuar are replica of in game furnishing item.

And there is more lamps in Final Fantasy XIV, so we could hope there will be more replica 🙂

And moggles are replica of king’s Moggle guards 🙂

Here closer pictures of the lamps.



FFXIV lamp-16

Moogle, five colors for the moment!

FFXIV lamp-18

FFXIV lamp-17

We will update this post when Square Enix released more lamp 🙂

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