Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini

On 2014, Square Enix released a new line of products: Static arts mini figures. This new series begin with six characters on their chibi form, from Final Fantasy Theatrhythm.

I’m not sure why it’s called « mini », because it’s 5 inch tall (115 mm) and Vincent static arts gallery figure is 5,7 inch tall. Perhaps because of the chibi form? Anyway these ones are really cute!

We begin with the first three of them, released on August 2014.

Cloud Strife

FF Static art mini-29


FF Static art mini-30

Tifa Lockhart

The second wave was released on december 2014.

Squall Leonhart

FF Static art mini-28


FF Static art mini-27


Next time we continue with presentation of World of Final Fantasy Static arts mini figures, so see you soon on FF Museum!

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