All Final Fantasy Consoles: 27 officials, 9 contests and many customs!

Over the years, Square made many official consoles for Final Fantasy series. These are great collector items and we want to made a recap, to present you all of them!

We have counted 27 « officials » consoles you could have bought on store. We begin with Nintendo systems. Gamecube is the rarest, only 150 was made and it’s really hard to find one for a decent price today.


PSP and PS Vita systems


PS2, PS3 and PS4 systems



Wonderswan systems (Chocobo is not really a Final Fantasy console, but it still a cool item!)

WS Chocobo


There is also 9 « contest versions ». You can win them by enter a specific contest (preorder, complete some condition with a brand, etc.). They are really rare, only few copy was made for these ones.


Fans made many custom versions. Some of them are really gorgeous and deserve place on a collection! You can easily find some of them on google by searching « Final Fantasy Custom Console ». Here pictures of some of them!


That’s it for the moment! We will update this post when new console will be announced 🙂


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