All Final Fantasy Consoles: 27 officials, 9 contests and many customs!

Over the years, Square made many official consoles for Final Fantasy series. These are great collector items and we want to made a recap, to present you all of them!

We have counted 27 “officials” consoles you could have bought on store. We begin with Nintendo systems. Gamecube is the rarest, only 150 was made and it’s really hard to find one for a decent price today.


PSP and PS Vita systems


PS2, PS3 and PS4 systems



Wonderswan systems (Chocobo is not really a Final Fantasy console, but it still a cool item!)

WS Chocobo


There is also 9 “contest versions”. You can win them by enter a specific contest (preorder, complete some condition with a brand, etc.). They are really rare, only few copy was made for these ones.


Fans made many custom versions. Some of them are really gorgeous and deserve place on a collection! You can easily find some of them on google by searching “Final Fantasy Custom Console”. Here pictures of some of them!


That’s it for the moment! We will update this post when new console will be announced 🙂

Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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