Final Fantasy VII Coca-Cola figures

From 1999 to 2001, Square Enix and Coca-Cola joined together in a marketing campaigns. The most popular item of this campaign are Final Fantasy Coca-Cola 1.5″ plastic figures. There is 52 color figures, and 52 clear figures (non-color figures).You could find realistically proportioned characters and super deformed characters from FF VII to FF X.  Random figures was attached to 500mL Coca-Cola bottle. So it’s really hard to gather all 104 figures!

Today, we present you Final Fantasy VII Coca-Cola figures, with many beloved characters from the game!

FFVII Coca cola-56

FFVII Coca cola-57

Cloud Strife

Aerith Gainsborough


Tifa Lockhart

Barret Wallace

Yuffie Kisaragi


Vincent Valentine

Mog and Chocobo

Next week, Final Fantasy VIII figures 🙂



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