Final Fantasy XII Sculpture Arts Balthier & Fran

On septembre 2008, Square Enix released an incredible sculpture arts for Final Fantasy XII! It showing Balthier and Fran on their hover, dodging a collapsing column.

This moment is not really in the game (or I don’t find it, sorry if I didn’t redo the entire game to find the details XD) but you could see the two characters using this flying engine when they escape the collapsing Palace of Rabanastre (here a youtube video if you want).

FFXII Balthier and Fran-13


The 14″ sculpture is really stunning, with incredible details everywhere!!! The hover, the characters, the column, everything are perfect.

FFXII Balthier and Fran-15

FFXII Balthier and Fran-30


Characters actions is really well depict, but I think I prefer the collapsing column details!

FFXII Balthier and Fran-19

That’s it for this incredible sculpture! We have some other to show you, but it could be really great if Square Enix  created some new resin model with this quality!

FFXII Balthier and Fran-35


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