Final Fantasy VII Cold Cast Forgotten City

In 1999, had Square released five cold cast diorama, presenting scenes from Final Fantasy IV to VIII. Limited to 3000 each, these figures are really rare in 2017 for a decent price!

Here a family pictures, found on Internet:


Today, we are happy to present you Final Fantasy VII Cold Cast Forgotten City. It’s a diorama for the famous scene where Cloud put Aerith on the water after she was killed by Sephiroth. Every FFVII player remember this tragic moment. It’s really great that Square made a picture to immortalize it.

FFVII cold cast-1

FFVII cold cast-5


This one is really fragile, because of spines around the scene. So it’s even harder to find one on perfect shape.

This is it for this beautiful cold cast! A must have on every Final Fantasy collection. We hope SquareEnix will make more of them soon.

Next time, cold cast from Final Fantasy V ou VI!

Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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