Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII


On January 31, 2011, Mega Ran and Lost Perception published BLACK MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII, a Hip-Hop album using tunes from Squaresoft’s hit game.

This new 16 track album released 14 years after the date that the Final Fantasy 7 game has launch in Japan. The production on the album was handle by Lost Perception, a veteran hip-hop producer from Phoenix who shares an equal love for Final Fantasy and Hip-Hop.

Tracklist :
1. Introduction (with additional vox by Marlos Hill) 03:48
2. Cloud Strife 03:39
3. Tifa 05:09
4. AVALANCHE (feat. Barret Wallace) 04:49
5. Mako Reactor 03:49
6. Aerith 06:38
7. Don Corneo (interlude) feat. Brentalfloss 01:55
8. Don of the Slums feat. Storyville and The ThoughtCriminals 04:22
9. Cosmo Canyon (feat. The Ranger) 01:39
10. The Turks (feat. Dale Chase) 01:52
11. On That Day 5 Years Ago 04:25
12. Birth of a God (feat. MC Pennywise and Devastate) 03:22
13. Cid (feat. Phil Harmonic 01:50
14. Cry of the Planet 04:04
15. Absolute (feat. Ilyas and Maja) 03:26
16. One Winged Angel + Ending + Bonus Track 16:35
All songs Produced by Lost Perception for The Council Productions. Album features additional vocals by Brentalfloss, MC Pennywise, Devastate, Ilyas (of Tanya Morgan), Maja, Phil Harmonic, Dale Chase, and more.

On January 31, 2012, it is one year later that Mega Ran and Lost Perception reedited their album remixed , remastered and re-imagined under the name BLACK MATERIA: The Remixes.

Tracklist :
1. Introduction 02:04
2. One Winged Angel (remix) featuring Storyville 03:00
3. Cry of the Planet (Japan Remix) 04:28
4. Valentine featuring RoQy TyRaiD 02:20
5. Ninja Girl 03:22
6. Cid’s Theme (Remix) featuring PhillHarmonix 01:44
7. Absolute (remix) featuring MAJA 02:10
8. Return to Cosmo Canyon featuring The Ranger 03:48
9. Cait Sith (featuring Adam Warrock) 01:56
10. On That Day… (Remix) 03:04
11. Escape From Shinra Tower featuring Juice Lee and Ilyas 02:33
12. The Turks (remix) featuring Dale Chase 01:32
13. Don of the Slums (Remix) featuring Storyville and The ThoughtCriminals 04:57
14. Aeris (Remix) 03:35
15. Mako Reactor (remix) 03:31
16. Avalanche (DJ Jinnai Remix) 04:00
17. Final Fantasy *JonWayne Remix* 04:42
18. Tifa (remix) 05:14
19. Cloud Strife (remix) 03:44
20. AVALANCHE (Lost Perception Remix) 04:45
21. Final Fantasy (Lost Perception Remix) 04:11
22.*bonus* Yuffie (Naomi C Remix Instro) 05:07
Produced by Lost Perception of the Council Productions
Additional production by DN3 of One Beagle Music and Plue Starfox.
Mixed and Mastered by K-Murdock for Neosonic Productions

On April 16, 2016, with licenses secured, Vancouver musician R23X took on the project, re-orchestrating and re-arranging the entire album. The end result is an album that sounds both familiar and new: something for fans new and old to look forward to.Completely remastered and remixed.

Black Materia: Vinyl is spread across two 140 gram 12” LP’s.

2 x 12” LP (140 grams) in a Dual Gatefold Jacket designed by Drew Wise
Inner sleeves with printed with art from Rodrigo Pradel and published by The Yetee.




Tracklist :
Cloud Strife 03:44
Tifa 05:14
Mako Reactor 03:31
Aeris 03:35
Don of the Slums feat. Storyville and The ThoughtCriminals 04:57
Cosmo Canyon feat. The Ranger 03:48
The Turks feat. Dale Chase 01:32
On That Day 5 Years Ago 03:04
Birth of a God feat feat. Penny The Great and Devastate
Cid feat. Phil Hanson 01:44
Cry of the Planet 04:28
Absolute feat. Ilyas and Maja
One Winged Angel feat. Storyville 03:00
Bonus Track

The Yetee published two editions :


dsc_0065 dsc_0067



Link :

Megaran  The Yetee


Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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