FF Museum 14 years of Fantasy

14 years ago, on December 27, 2006 FF Museum was born.

FF Museum began as a simple blog on Canalblog to showcase my collection to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of Final Fantasy.


During the process, I quickly met many fans and collectors who motivated me to continue this experiment.

After that, I started discovering many possibilities with a forum “Key of Final Fantasy”.


I decided to stop this first blog and to create on July 09, 2007 http://ffmuseum.fororama.com.

The goal was to involve as many people as possible in order to list all FF products.


Aymeric Thieffry joined me with other fans and we listed 722 products.

It was on the forum that after many tests that the logo was created.

But the forum was in French and too complicated to manage and we wanted to make it more accessible for people from all over the world.

We tested a new blog in March 2008 but its free version was too limiting and the project was stopped.


It is only on May 2, 2010 that we created a Facebook account in English to create a journal on FF product release.

Many collectors from around the world joined us with even more impressive collections.

 Ludovic Décoret joined the team on July 18, 2014 and began to post on his blog http://ffset.blogspot.ca/ as well as on the Facebook page.

With the impressive photos of his collection the number of Like went up quickly until we reached the symbolic bar of 1000 likes.


We decide to merge FF SET with FF MUSEUM on April 16, 2016 to improve visibility (http://ffmuseum.blogspot.fr/)



Antoine Clerc-Renaud and Sora Tseng joined the team and we are thinking about transforming Final Fantasy Museum into a collector’s association.


Sora will start writing “Editor’s Choice” part on Facebook in May 2016.

We create a Tweeter and Instagram account And on July 03, 2016 we create a portal http://ffmuseum.com

One week later, Ludovic and Antoine made the first exhibition at the Montreal Comic Con under the FF Museum brand on July 08, 2016

From July 18th to August 1st 2016 we organize our first contest.

On October 15th and 16th, 2016 Aymeric organized the second exhibition at Hall3 in Tournai, Belgium.

For the 10 years we started a new website, hoping to be able to show you all the wonderful Final Fantasy products.


We’re incredibly grateful for you following us and for your amazing support during these past 10 years and we’re counting on you to keep sharing our publication for an even brighter future.

And thanks to Square Enix to keep the dream alive with their incredible


Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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