All versions of Final Fantasy I for NES on North America

Final Fantasy I was released on July 12, 1990 in North America.
The most famous version is the one for USA, on the left. But there is also two Canadian versions! The one in the middle was distributed by Mattel in Canada. On the left, it’s Canadian greatest hits version. Red band version is really rare and hard to find! 


For the rest of the post, I try to make pictures of differences between these three versions.
Front and back covers. i always find strange fact that there is not Amano ‘s artwork on the box.


Some details. French text on Canadian box is because Quebec territory. You have to translate every text in french.
Spines of the boxes. Yes, Mattel version is damaged…
Cartridge. No difference, except region code
Content of the USA version
Handbook : really complete! but where is Amano’s work?
On Mattel version, texts are also in french on both maps and Handbook!
But on Greatest hits version (red band), only handbook was in french and english. Why? I really not know. Except french traduction, everything is similar on the three editions.


You can find code of every version on handbook’s corner (Mattel in the middle)
I also find a Nintendo insert on Mattel box (in french and english). I think this piece of paper was missing on the other boxes.
This is it for the three version of Final Fantasy I in North America!


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One thought on “All versions of Final Fantasy I for NES on North America

  1. Je possède la version canada (pas celle avec la bande rouge). Quelle est sa valeur ? Je n’arrive pas à la trouver sur ebay ou autre.. Merci


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