Final Fantasy trading art volume 2

On a previous post, we presented Final Fantasy trading art volume 1. Here volume 2!
Trading art means that figures are sold in blind box in Japan, so you don’t know what you bought and you could exchange extra figures with other collectors. You also have to assemble them.
Quality are uneven, but it’s always a pleasure to find figures representing our beloved characters!
Here the figures present in volume two, released in May 2006 in Japan :
Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII
Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII
Vincent Valentine in his Turks suit from Final Fantasy VII – secret character
Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII
Zidane Tribal from from Final Fantasy IX
Tidus from Final Fantasy X 
Rikku from Final Fantasy X

Zidane Tribal


Tifa Lockheart… and her two friends?! Square Enix exaggerate a little, don’t you think?




Vincent Valentine when he was still a Turk (and human)

Vincent Valentine after Hojo’s experimentations


Tidus… really strange face, no?

Selphie Tilmitt
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