Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 Collector’s edition Jap

After the huge success of Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix decided to make another MMORPG.  Final Fantasy XIV Online was released on Septembre 30, 2010. As you know, the 1.0 version received really bad reviews. After official apologies and replacement of development team, Square decided to end this 1.0 version on December 2012.
New version of Final Fantasy XIV, named Real Reborn, was released on August 27, 2013, after lot of changes and a long bate test period. This time, it was a huge success! 3 years later, il’s still a great MMORPG, played buy many gamers all around the world.
So today, we present you a piece of history : collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV1.0! It was released a week before regular version in Japan, on Septembre 27, 2010. It’s a huge box, because of the tumbler. Beautiful artworks make this edition incredibly stunning!
This edition includes :
Early access
Games disk
Behind the scene DVD
Security token
Special game package


Details of the box
Front and back artworks
This one is really amazing!


When you take off the sleeve
Security token
Below the game there is a small tumbler
Game box, with beautiful artworks!
Disks coverts






That’s it for this beautiful collector’s edition!



Here a family pictures of all PC collector’s edition for version 1.0
Left : japan version / Middle : french version / right : US version
We will present all of them soon!


To see more collectibles, visit the main blog: FF Museum
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