Final Fantasy Master Creatures volume 3

Final Fantasy Master Creatures is a larger variation of Final Fantasy Creatures action figure series. Each figure represent a boss, a summon or a famous monster from Final Fantasy Games. Details are incredible and made all figures beautiful!

A few weeks ago, we presented you volume 1 and volume 2.
We are finally arrive to the last one : volume 3.


Volume 3 was released on Septembre 20, 2009, with 3 regular figures and 1 special edition:
Gilgamesh, from Final Fantasy V –3 780 yens
Phoenix, from Final Fantasy IX – 3 780 yens
Shiva, from Final Fantasy X – 3 780 yens

Heretic Shiva, from Final Fantasy X. Only 1000 was made! – 3 780 yens

Complete set

Both Shiva
Heretic version is really incredible!


Beautiful Phoenix


Gilgamesh with many swords


That’s it for Master creatures. We hope you like them. Soon we will begin the 30 creatures kai.



Bonus : all master creatures reunited!
To see more collectibles, visit the main blog: FF Museum

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