Final Fantasy VIII limited edition box-set fr

Final Fantasy VIII was released in Europe on October 27, 1999. At this time, collector edition for Playstation 1 games was pretty rare (for example, FF VII doesn’t have limited edition).
So it’s really surprising that a limited edition box-set was available only for some European territories! For another Final Fantasy VIII collector edition, we must look to Korean PC version.
French edition has a beautiful packaging with a complete content : game, 2-sides poster, stickers for memory cards and a shirt. It’s really difficult to find one on good condition nowadays, so we’re really happy to present it to you!
Outside box – there is 5 languages on the back


Final Fantasy VIII limited edition box-set




Stickers inside the box



2 sides poster



Main game – not to be sold separately version, in french























And the shirt, not in perfect shape for my edition…


That’s it for this beautiful limited box-set!


Here another great Final Fantasy VIII collector item : Spleeping Lionheart zippo
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