Final Fantasy VII Sculpture Arts : Aerith Gainsborough

On December 2007, Kotobukya released this incredible sculpture art for Final Fantasy VII.
It represent Aerith praying on the water altar at the forgotten city. You know, a few moments before Sephiroth… hum…
Original price was 26 000 yens (around 250 $ USD). It’s a tall figure, near 17 in, made of a mix of polyresign and polystone. Details on Aerith are incredible : hairs, hands, dress… Amazing! Clear effects behind her and altar are also really clean. It’s a spectacular statue and one of the best Final Fantasy collectible.


Closer look to Aerith



Incredible details on the base !



Box is really big! My display isn’t enough to take clean pictures…


That’s it for this incredible sculpture.
We have many others Final Fantasy VII statue to show you soon!


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Published by Fabien H.

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