Final Fantasy Master Creatures volume 2

Final Fantasy Master Creatures is a larger variation of Final Fantasy Creatures action figure series. Each figure represent a boss, a summon or a famous monster from Final Fantasy Games. Details are incredible and made all figures beautiful!

A few weeks ago, we presented you volume 1.
Now we’re happy to introduce you volume 2!

Volume 2 was released on June, 2007, with 5 regular figures and 1 special edition:
Mateus, from Final Fantasy XII –3000 yens
Odin, from Final Fantasy IX – 3000 yens
Diablos, from Final Fantasy VIII – 3000 yens
Knights of the round, from Final Fantasy VII – 3000 yens
Yojimbo, from Final Fantasy X – 3000 yens 
Heretic Yojimbo, from Final Fantasy X. Only 1000 was made! – 4 360 yens
Family picture
Regular and heretic Yojimbo













Knight of the round – my favorite! I was so excited when I finally had this in my hand!




That’s it for Master creatures volume 2. Volume 3 coming soon!



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