Final Fantasy VII US Misprint

Final Fantasy VII, released in September 7, 1997 in North America, doesn’t need to be introduce. Every FF Fans knows this incredible game. So what could be interested to talk about ?
Misprint versions ! I love present them to my friends, because they always have two reactions in the same time : finding this trivia interesting and thinking I’m a freak collector haha !
Friend : “Hey, you have five versions of the same game!”
Me : “No, it’s five different versions, because of misprint.”
Friend : “… But it’s the same game?”
Me : “Yes, but this five boxes are totally different! Look!”
Friend : “…”
I have found three of them for the moment. Perhaps there are more. Doesn’t hesitate to tell us!
First misprint : the “i” misprint
This one concern black version (or regular) of the game.
You need to look closer on the back.


First print had a mistake with the i on “masterpiece”. So when Squaresoft reprint the game, they corrected the mistake.



Second misprint : Sephiroth against Aerith
This one is really strange when you know one particular moment in the game haha !
This time, it’s about Greatest Hits version.


You need to look inside, on the first part of the box. Normally, handbook completes art behind the cd1. But in some editions, Aerith was replaced by Sephiroth !


It’s in fact art behind the third cd. So what Sephiroth did to Aerith this time ?



Third misprint : Greatest hits misprint
This one is not really a Final Fantasy VII Misprint.
Here you see a black and a green version of the game.


But when you open the box, it’s too greatest hits versions !


The misprint become clear when you look the box’s side. First, I think it was the seller who replace the front paper. But I check and find some sealed version of this one.
It’s in fact a Greatest hits misprint. The error occurred sometime during production, when a game had a  green version.


Here some other versions found on Google.
This is it for misprint ! To complet this post, some pictures of black and green versions.
And all my Final Fantasy VII from around the world !
Regular or black version




Greatest hits or green version





Inside the box










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