Final Fantasy IX Dioramas

There isn’t many Final Fantasy IX collectible, but the existing ones are lovely! So we’re happy to present Final Fantasy IX dioramas.
Created by Banpresto, this beautiful Final Fantasy IX dioramas was only available from claw machines after FFIX released, in 2000. So this three are pretty rare !
All of them present Zidane with another main character : Garnet, Steiner and Vivi. Quality is great and even if they are small, they successful recreate FF IX atmosphère.
Final Fantasy IX Diorama
Zidane and Garnet
This one represent the moment when Zidane and Garnet was on top of Lindblum Castle.





Zidane and Steiner
The two warriors in fighting position !






Zidane and Vivi
Zidane seems to be shouting at Vivi !






For another great Final Fantasy IX collector item, click here : Vivi phone card frame
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