Final Fantasy Master Creatures volume 1

Final Fantasy Master Creatures is a larger variation of Final Fantasy Creatures action figure series. Each figure represent a boss, a summon or a famous monster from Final Fantasy Games. Details are incredible and made all figures beautiful !
Volume 1 was released on September, 2006, with 5 regular figures and 1 special edition :
Bahamut from Final Fantasy VIII
Kefka Palazzo, angel of death form, from Final Fantasy VI
Magus Sister, from Final Fantasy X

Leviathan, from Final Fantasy VII
Ifrit, from Final Fantasy VII 
Tiamat, special color version of Bahamut, from Final Fantasy VIII. It’s Hobbyjapan exclusive, and only 600 was made ! 

Family picture
Final Fantasy Master Creature volume 1

Bahamut and alternative color version Tiamat from Final Fantasy VIII



 Ifrit from Final Fantasy VII


Leviathan from Final Fantasy IX


Magus Sister from Final Fantasy X



Kafka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI



Closer family picture !


Presentation of Master creatures vol 2 and 3 will arrive soon !
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