Final Fantasy XII : A new Final Fantasy release briefing November 2003

Final Fantasy XII was released in March 16, 2006 in Japan. So I’m not really sure what is this “New Final Fantasy released briefing, November 19, 2003”.
The first time I saw this, I just went for it and bought it. I assume it was a really rare press kit of Final Fantasy XII. But when I finally had it, I didn’t seem to concert press at all…
The assumption is that this files was for Square Enix internal team “Product development 4”. After Square Enix creation, in April 1, 2003, they might have created new team and explain them the ongoing projet Final Fantasy XII. So this is a really unconventional item in my collection ! I wish I could find more like this !
This content is very simple : three colored art prints, one page with FF XII logo, three other pages with texts in japanese (Unfortunatly I don’t read Japanese), a card older and a disk with five wallpapers.
If you have more details about this one, you’re most welcome to contact me!
Thanks to another FF Museum team member, Sora Tseng, we learn more details about this one : The kit was hand out at press conference call “A new FINAL FANTASY release briefing” on Nov. 19, 2003. Yasumi Matsuno is the director of product development division 4, he is famous for directing Tactics game such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. At the time, he was leading the team to developing Final Fantasy XII, another great game from Ivalice. 
So this is a press kit in fact !
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Final Fantasy XII



A sleeve protect the file


What is division 4 ?
What is division 4 ?



2 years and a half before Final Fantasy XII released


Seems professional !


Regular FF XII artbook on the front cover…


… and nothing on the CD


Cardbox is cool !


Rigide sheets to present main characters


Beautiful artwork !


For people who don’t know Final Fantasy and work for Square Enix ? 


Other informations in Japanese : background, main character and release day, etc.

 The five wallpapers on the disk





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