Video presentation of Ludovic’s Final Fantasy collection

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time I want to do this! My friend ACR finally help to to make a video presentation of my collection. I make a quick tour of my gaming room and I present most parts of my treasure. 
My english spoken is really bad, so I use french in the video. Sorry for english FF Fans! 
I made a huge mistake, sorry! When I present portable console, I talk about a missing « FF XV PS Vita »… I was totally wrong. I wanted to say « FF XIV Heavensward PS Vita. I don’t want to star rumor about one haha ! 
If you enjoy it, please share it. I’m really glad to make discovered my collection to other people. 
And if you want to follow ACR work, about Video Game collection and Retro gaming, click here : Dans ta collection or


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