Final Fantasy TCG !

I always love trading card game ! When I was 13, I spend so much time playing Magic : the gathering ! So when I know a Final Fantasy TCG exist, I try really hard (and failed) not collect it…
Because I don’t speak Japanese and don’t know a single person who played if around me, I never try to learn the rules. Instead, I focus on collect them all, and it’s a really long road ! 15 chapters, around 2000 cards, regular and foiled version of every one of them, and special cards only available on tournament… It’s a nightmare for a foreign collector !
But’s i have so much fun to open booster, make list and when I complete a full set of a chapter, I’m the most happiest Final Fantasy collector of the world XD
Here some item of my FFTCG collection, on next post I will take pictures of complete chapter.











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