Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Nintendo DS US

I always want to try this Final Fantasy Spin off. The 4 Heroes of light seems to be a really great classical J-RPG on a fantasy world. It was released in US on October 5, 2010.
I love the global design (which evolved on Bravely Default) and classic turn base battle system look really interesting to explore ! For the moment, I only have time to admire beautiful art on the box !
Front and back Cover : there is 3 versions for Jap, US and euro ! I love this dragon !
SD characters for the back





Nintendo paper


A poster with cute version of characters ! Cool, but why not a world map on the back ?




I have a canadian version, with french booklet. No difference for the visual



Beautiful art !


Again !


In-game graphics seems really beautiful for this time, on Nintendo DS


Different job



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Président de FF Museum

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