Mystic Quest Gameboy German

This a hard one to find ! Mystic Quest for Gameboy, German edition (or NOE, for Gameboy collectors) ! It’s in fact european edition for Final Fantasy Adventures (already present here !) or Seiken Densetsu : Final Fantasy Gaiden on Japan.
I know, it’s not really relative to the saga. It’s in fact the first Seiken Densetsu episode. Even title doesn’t have Final Fantasy on it. But for me it’s still an incredible piece for my collection ! And hard to find since I live in Quebec.
So I was really happy when a friend from offer me this game as a Christmas present !
I never tried it. I only remember when I was a kid to see it on my local video game store. but It was just a dream at this time. Now it’s mine ! Perhaps one day I will find the french edition, rarest than this one…
Front and back cover


Content, with a map !








And the map. It’s generally missing, so I’m really happy to find it in the box !


On the back : lists off weapon, armor and other stuff.


See you soon !

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