100 posts already ! Overview November 30, 2014 !

Hello Everyone ! This post is a little special ! It’s my 100 post ! So I decided to celebrate it by presenting you some pictures of my entire collection.
I begin my blog July 17th, 2014. My motivation was to share my passion and my collection, that’s it ! When I begun to collect seriously Final Fantasy, I did many research on Internet to find incredible item. Forum, Facebook and auction site were  really helpful to start and grown up my collection. Especially a french forum : http://www.edition-limited.net/
So, I decided to give back, and share every item of my collection. It’s a really long road, and I don’t achieve 25 % ! But I’m sure one day I will have a post for everything (yes, I’m a fool XD). Perhaps this will help other collectors around the world !
Finally, I want to thank Fabien Haule, another FF French collector. I can share my post on his facebook page : FF Museum. And he help me with music part on this blog. Thanks mate !
Now, pictures of what I will show you on next months !
First of all, overview of my collection. I improve then since 4 years now.


Now my gaming room !


As you can see, I collect other video games series, as Halo or Assassin’s Creed.



Now, a closer look to my Final Fantasy display


Yes, this is only FF games on this pictures ! With full set Jap, full set US and nearly full set Euro !


Here the full set Jap (for a full presentation, click here)
And an old picture of the full set US ( I will update this on 2015)
Some Final Fantasy VII XD


Next pictures, random treasures of my collection !


















A closer look to my storage, it’s full !



And now, it’s not FF related. I’m also a gamer, so there is other part of my collection !






We finish with Assassin’s creed part !



I hope you enjoy the show, and see you soon for other presentation of incredible FF items !
See ya !

Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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