Theatrhythm Final Fantasy : Curtain Call 3DS US

First time I heard about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, I thought it was a really strange idea ! How a rhythm game could be a good choice in FF universe ? I was strongly surprise, when I realize how much I enjoy the first episode.
Now I present the sequel, Curtain Call, released on September 16, 2014. It’s even bigger ! With 221 songs, near 270 with DLC when I wrote this post, 70 characters form every main entry of the saga and other episode like Agito or Crisis core, a quest system and so many feature to unlock , possibilities are really huge !
Square made a great gift for every Final Fantasy fan ! it’s a pleasure to rediscover beautiful music in this rhythm-RPG ! Thanks Square Enix !
This is the limited edition (and available everywhere). There is also a collector edition.
In fact, it’s regular game plus a special spleepcase and a track selection




It’s not a real hanbook !






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