Final Fantasy formation arts : Creatures display board

An incredible Final Fantasy Item today ! The really rare Final Fantasy formation arts : Creatures display board !
I haven’t found many information about it, except on this site :
It was released on August 2004, for 29 800 yens (around 280 $ US). It’s in fact a huge chessboard, to display the Final Fantasy creatures series. So there is no pieces to play chess, only the board. The amount produce was really small, only 200.  So it’s one of the rarest Final Fantasy item ! I am very lucky to find one !
Here the huge chessboard ! 23 kg !


The box is really big ! I have to made it sent it buy boat from Japan.


You can see exemple of display for creature figures (here clear and metal version)



See, the size of Final Fantasy XII !
When we open it : a little pice of paper
It’s in fact some pieces to help play chess.




Part of the board are really well protected


So much part !


It’s everywhere !


All pieces



Incredible details on the beast !






Chess board complete ! This is amazing ! The two dragon around are beautiful !



Incredible details !






The board is so huge I don’t know how to display it….







I’m really lucky to have it. It’s one of the most valuable item of my collection.
I hope you enjoy the presentation !

Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

One thought on “Final Fantasy formation arts : Creatures display board

  1. Hello there. I'm so happy that you have found one to add to your collection =)

    I am also looking for one of these boards and if you happen to know of another one for sale, would you please let me know? I would greatly appreciate it.


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