The Final Fantasy Legend Gameboy US

Today I present The Final Fantasy Legend, even if it’s not really a Final Fantasy. It was in fact the first episode for the SaGa series , also made by Square. But it really have no connection with FF universe (unlike Final Fantasy Adventure, with some reference like the chocobo).
It was released on september 30, 1990, and I suppose Square give him Final Fantasy element to boost sales, because of the succes of Final Fantasy for NES, released 2 month earlier.
I put it on my full set US list because of this Final Fantasy element.
  Front and back cover, with a bad sticker. I don’t remove it because I’m afraid to damage the box. It says it’s a difficult game !



Content of the box : do you love the main artwork ?




The tower, in reference to the real name : Hell Tower Warrior – Sa.Ga.



An adventurer’s log ! With guidebook element !



A poster, with the main artwork, again…


And a map on the back.


Final Fantasy Legend II et III are coming soon !


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