Full Set Jap : all 156 Final Fantasy Games for Japan !

Today, T’m really happy to present you the full set Jap ! A complete list of all game version for Final Fantasy on Japan. It took me 3 years to achieve this goal of my collection, and so happy to finally complete the list. It represent 156 games !
To celebrate this incredible moment, I took some pictures to share my collection. Enjoy the show !
Family picture 
It took me a long time to place all games !

And now a video :


Famicom 4/4 
Here for a complete presentation : Full set Famicom
Super Famicom 5/5
Here for a complete presentation : Full set Super Famicom

Gamecube and Wii 3/3
Gameboy Advance 7/7

Nintendo DS 10/10

Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita 3/3

Vita was alone, so I gather it with 3DS. And I can make a transition with… 


Playstation 1   21 / 21
(Ehrgeiz is just a bonus)

Collector pack for PS1
Playstation 2    34/34
Playstation 2 just Final Fantasy XI
There was so much extension for FF XI, so I have to take special picture for them !

Playstation 3 and Playstation 4   13/13
PSP    22/22

!! Microsoft, Computer and other Part !!

Xbox 360   10/10
Computer  20/20
As for PS2, there is too many Final Fantasy XI edition !

Wonder Swan Color   3/3
Bonus Picture : console pack for Japan 18/19
I only miss Gamecube pack, really hard to find. 
And I forgot to place FF XII PStwo pack on the pictures

That’s it for the full set Jap !
On the next weeks, I will take details pictures of all games. 
And I will present the full set US.
So keep in touch with my blog ! 

Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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