Final Fantasy I NES US

After Final Fantasy succes on Japan for the Famicom Family, Square and Nintendo decide to export it to the Unites States for american version of the console : the mythical NES !
It was released the july 12th, 1990, 2 years and a half after japanese release !
It’s practically the same version, except for magic names and censored references about religion.
Here the box (no Square logo in the covert, really strange !)



The cartridge


Explorer’s handbook, a pretty complete guidebook




Two maps, with list of items and monsters on the back





And that’s it !


Here the two version !


There is also a canadian version, with red band on the top of the front cover :
And a Quebec version edited by Mattel with french language on the back. I don’t have it for the moment, but it’s in my collection list !


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