Final Fantasy creatures kai : volume 1

Creatures kai is a collection of little figures of emblematic creatures from Final Fantasy universe. There is 5 set for the moment, each content 6 figures. 

In Japan, 5 are easy to find and the last one is secret and hard to obtain ! You could buy it separatly in individual « blind-box », for a random figure. Each figure come in pieces you have to assemble.

There is also an international set, with 5 selected creatures. No random pick, you know what you buy ! The creatures are in one piece, so you don’t have to assemble them. 

With international set, the missing one is not necessarily the japanese secret figure ! So, for a collector, it could be great to buy the US box, then find the missing one in Japan. You will see with the complete first set I present now.

Overview of the six creatures

Terra Branford on Magitek Armor from Final Fantasy VI (secret on Japan, present on the US box)

Zalera the Death Seraph from Final Fantasy XII

Tiamat from Final Fantasy (not present on the international set)

Thanks final fantasy wikia for all informations !


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