Final Fantasy XI PC Beta Version Jap

I think it’s the hardest version of FF Xi to find. I’ve only seen once in all my intensive research of FF games, and I win the auction ! I never seen it on another collection.

The bêta test was made on 2001 ( august or december, I’m not sure). Then, game release on november 5, 2002, 3 month after PS2 version. 

I was really excited to open the box, because I really don’t know what is the content. In fact I expect a simple DVD and that’s all. I was wrong !

The box is taller than regular edition. Here next to « real » FFXI.

Inside, some papers in japenese with online code.

The instruction booklet

Then the Disks, really simple ! An artwork would have been great !

And, the surprise on the box : a Square Enix tag ! I don’t even know if it’s a part of this beta version or an item from a special event !

The overview 

Bonus : a picture of all FF XI beta version in Japan ! I will present the other later. 


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