Final fantasy XIV PS4 HDD Cover

On november 11th, 2012 final fantasy XIV shut down for a long upgrade phase. It return 9 month later, august 27th, 2013 for FF XIV realm reborn, on PS3 and PC.
On the other side PS4 release later then US on Japan ( feb 22th 2014 instead of nov. 15th 2013). 
That’s why the PS4 version of FF XIV RR release only on April 14th, 2014. To celebrate this, Square Enix made a PS4 special edition, with the games and a print faceplate for the console. 
I don’t want to buy a PS4, So I wait my moment. And then I found just the faceplate and all the content of the pack ! 
I was really happy !
Here a little teaser about the plate.
But first, we begin with the papers.
A really good artwork !
Then the game sealed

And the faceplate. The box are really simple but classy

And the faceplate ! Really stylishness, with golden artworks on black. 

It’s the FF XIV logo

Now it’s complete !

Later a presentation of collectors editions. 

Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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