New arrival 21/07/2014

New arrival today from Japan ! It’s my buying since 3 month !

This is really special, because with this, I complete 3 set : all FF creatures, all FF master creatures and… All  jap games ! 
I will definitly take pictures of this full set, but for the moment, here the content of the box !

We begin by games. 
FF 13 LR
FF 14 

FF xi ( bêta PC is really rare !)

Some psp games

3DS !!

Now creatures
Dark shiva
Here the difference between of regular shiva and dark shiva. 

Creatures kai vol 1 complete !

Fan book creature 1 

Some FF creatures ( I only miss the 4 in the front)

And then, goods !
FF XIII elixir complete, ost dissidia and FFXI memorial book

FF VII phone cards gold ! (Only miss 3!)

More details in later post ! 

Published by Fabien H.

Président de FF Museum

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